The Intersection of Producers and Consumers within NH’s Food System

Photo uploaded by Julie CortesiAlthough most food consumed in NH is secured from producers outside of the state, approximately 12% of foods produced in NH are sold directly from producers to consumers, compared to less than 1% nationally. A mixed methods design that included interviews, focus groups, and surveys enabled examination of the intersection of local food producers and consumers, innovative strategies to promote linkages between producers and consumers, and identified practices that support a strong local food system in an environment with constrained resources.

JSI/Community Health Institute received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Healthy Farms, Healthy People coalition and the National Network of Public Health Institutes to extend issues of healthy nutrition into a broader perspective of agriculture and food systems. JSI’s study aimed to identify innovative strategies and practices for supporting a healthy food system in NH,with the purpose of sharing the findings among partners throughout the state, as well as with other states and regions.

Over the summer and fall of 2012, many people representing diverse perspectives on the intersection between producers and consumers of local foods in NH shared their views and knowledge of existing policies, programs, and practices fostering or hindering access to locally-produced foods, as well as innovative strategies that promote linkages between consumers and producers of local foods in NH. This paper presents the findings of the study. JSI/2013

Read the white paper report on Healthy Farms, Healthy People Coalition’s website