Building Bridges: Working with American Indian/Alaska Native Health Care Providers to Integrate Reproductive Health, STI, and HIV Prevention Services

Download this publicationThis toolkit brings together various tools, information and resources is intended to be used as a general resource for groups who are trying to partner with American Indian/Alaska Native communities to address HIV prevention integration in both urban and non-urban areas. JSI's work was concentrated within the Northern Plains tribal culture (tribes residing in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming) - work and lessons may look different within other regions and within other tribal communities and cultures.

It is intended to supplement the Roadmap to Integration: HIV Prevention Is Reproductive Health toolkit. The Roadmap toolkit is a technical assistance and training guide which may be used by Regional Training Center staff to facilitate integration of HIV services into reproductive health clinics and other settings. Assisted by the RTCs, clinics can discuss the desired level of HIV integration, assess the current level of integration, determine clinic proficiency at the current level, assess current clinic capacities, develop a training and technical assistance plan to build and enhance capacities and evaluation efforts in integrating HIV service into clinical practice. Yvonne Hamby, Christine Duclos, Mary McCrimmon. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. 2009.

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