"We Want to Know Everything About It:" Albanian women speak about family planning

Download this publicationVery little research had been done in Albania to understand knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding contraceptive use. In 1996, SEATS Project staff collaborated with the Albanian Ministry of Health and Environment (MOH) and the Albania Family Planning Association (AFPA) to conduct focus group research with women of reproductive age. This research included separate discussions with married women, unmarried university students, postpartum women, and women who had recently received abortions in order to better appreciate the informational needs of these primary audiences for information, education, and communication (IEC) activities in the SEATS/Albania project.

Recommendations for programming include emphasizing messages on contraceptive safety and price, developing youth-friendly services that include counseling on STD/HIV protection, providing updated information, again emphasizing contraceptive safety, to service providers, including allied health personnel who can refer women to RH services, and producing print materials for women on FP and contraception. Enilda Gorishti, MD and Joan Haffey, MPH, SEATS Working Paper #1 1997.

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