Russia Maternal and Child Health Initiative Final Report

Download this publicationThis final technical report presents the results and lessons learned from JSI's successful Russia Maternal and Child Health Initiative (MCHI), funded by USAID. Over the three-year life of the project, MCHI introduced evidence-based principles and interventions into 16 regions across the Russian Federation, including the Russian Far East. Through training, capacity building, and policy development, MCHI revolutionized the provider/client dynamic and garnered widespread support for its activities and accomplishments--including improved service quality and integration, increased awareness of women and mothers of MCH services and issues, and increased use of modern contraceptives. The effective MCHI model will be sustained through JSI's affiliate, the Institute for Family Health, a Russian organization that will carry on the "legacy" of the MCHI approach. Laurel A. Cappa and Natalia Vartapetova. JSI/MCHI, March 2007.

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