International Visibility and Analytics Networks 

JSI is leading the way in strengthening supply chains to meet the health needs of children, families, and communities. 

We have decades of experience in supply chain visibility, creating digital systems that can track the delivery of medicines, vaccines, and contraceptives, and helping our partners create data cultures by focusing on people as well as technology.

Helping our partners implement a visibility and analytics network, or VAN, is essential to creating a responsive, effective supply chain. Drawing from private-sector best practices, a VAN is a strategy to ensure the right people, technology, and processes are aligned to deliver health products to families and health care providers when and where they need them. We help our partners establish IMPACT teams comprised of people who are trained to select indicators, such as stockout rates, and who are empowered to use their data to make operational and strategic decisions that continually improve the performance of these indicators and ultimately, their supply chain. 

We work with clients and partners to help countries translate VAN principles into practice by creating structures that can be replicated. Contact the supply chain team at to learn more or read about JSI’s IMPACT team approach on Devex.

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