Asha’s Journey to Self-Reliance – WEI

Waache Wasome (“Let them Learn”) project, Tanzania

Produced By: JSI Staff

Asha, a young Tanzanian woman, was expelled from school at about 17 years of age when she became pregnant. She had to confront family and community stigma, in a context of deep poverty and minimal social support. When WEI/Bantwana’s Waache Wasome project introduced its work readiness program for out-of-school girls in Arusha City in 2021, Asha was among the first to join. In supportive peer groups, mentored by trained adults, she and other teen mothers developed self-esteem and confidence — as well as skills in income-generation and small business operation. Within a few months, Asha was able to set up a successful roadside catering business that support her and the education of her two children.