Critical Race Theory as a Lens to Understand Worker Education and Experience – WEI

21st Century Learning Ecosystem Opportunities Research (21 CLEO)

The 21CLEO project is funded through a grant from Walmart. We produced the video to showcase our work for the Retail Opportunity Network – Walmart grantees whose goal is to improve education, training, and advancement opportunities for frontline service workers in the US. The video highlights over a year of research; it took a few weeks to put together – as we wrote the script, set up the slides, and recorded audio. Then we turned it over to Ben Bruno (our video production consultant and former World Education employee) to put everything into a video. Our budget for video production was $1000. We were able to complete the project very inexpensively because our text is drawn from a manuscript we were writing and we carefully laid out the slides and accompanying text and audio. The planning meant the video production went smoothly.