JSI’s Health Services Division is implementing a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to strengthen the capacity of the disease intervention workforce. A key component of this project is developing a comprehensive training program for staff members that supervise Disease Intervention Specialists, or DIS. The blended-learning training program will consist of two parts: (1) an online, asynchronous course (referred to as the “online course”) and (2) a virtual, instructor-led, synchronous course (referred to as the “VIL course”). The goal is for the online course and the VIL course to work in tandem, with the online course taken prior to participating in the VIL course, but the VIL course not being necessary (i.e., some may just take the online portion).  

The online course is an existing course, developed in Lectora. Updates to the online course are required to ensure content is accurate and that all functions are working properly. 

Period of Performance– August 2022-September 2023

Scope of Work – The recipient of this funding will work closely with the JSI project team, as well as the CDC technical monitor and other subject matter experts at the CDC, to develop the DIS Supervisor Training Program. Recipient responsibilities include:

  • Review existing information, collected by the JSI project team as part of its environmental scan, about training programs and courses for DIS supervisors.

    • August-September 2022 

  • Work in collaboration with the JSI team and CDC subject matter experts to determine which aspects of DIS supervision should be prioritized for the VIL course.

    • August-September 2022

  • Online course

    • Develop a scope and sequence for the online course. The document will include the current objectives, topics and competencies, and activities, by module. There are five modules. 

      • August-September 2022 

    • Identify and document, in collaboration with JSI, proposed changes to the online course to present to CDC. Changes should be categorized as necessary for accuracy of information, necessary for functionality/accessibility, optional content update or addition, and optional functionality update or addition.

      • October-November 2022

    • Develop, following CDC approval of changes, instructions for edits to the online course. JSI will share the instructions with its Lectora specialist, who will be responsible for making the changes in Lectora.

      • December 2022-January 2023

    • Review changes to the online course as they are completed.

      • February 2023

  • VIL course

    • Develop a high-level outline for the VIL course. Topics included in the VIL course should build on those covered in the online course, and should include any newly identified topics based on review of the JSI environmental scan and/or discussion with subject matter experts at the CDC. JSI will submit the high-level outline to CDC for review and approval.

      • September-October 2022

    • Expand the scope and sequence to include the CDC-approved high-level outline for the VIL course. 

      • November 2022

    • Develop course materials (e.g., powerpoints, handouts, etc.) for the VIL course, inclusive of training-the-trainer materials, working in collaboration with subject matter experts at JSI and CDC. JSI will submit the course content to CDC for review and approval.

      • December 2022-March 2023

    • Revise course content based on feedback from the CDC. It is expected that the revised course content will be submitted to CDC to undergo clearance.

      • April 2023

  • Contribute to the development of guidance on the implementation of the comprehensive DIS supervisor training program, inclusive of a suggested timeline for completing the program and how to provide badges or other modes of recognition for successful course completion. This guidance will accompany the final product submitted to CDC.

    • July-August 2023

  • Contribute to the process of finalizing all materials for submission to the CDC at the end of the project.

    • August-September 2023

  • Contribute to conversations about the evaluation of the program.

    • Ongoing

  • Contribute to orientation/training efforts with the trainers for the VIL course.

    • August-September 2023

  • Participate in regular project meetings with the JSI project team.

    • Ongoing

  • Participate in regular meetings with the CDC technical monitor and subject matter experts as requested

    • Ongoing


  • Scope and sequence for the online course (in Excel) to include all modules and topics included in the online courses. 

  • High-level outline for one VIL course (in MS Word).

  • Expanded scope and sequence to include VIL course content.

  • List of changes to make to the online course, with detailed instructions for the Lectora specialist based on CDC feedback and approval (in MS Word).

  • Course materials for the VIL course (e.g., powerpoints, handouts, etc.).

  • Progress reports and updates, as requested by JSI.

Submission Process – Please respond to Gretchen Weiss (gretchen_weiss@jsi.com) by Friday, August 26 with the following information if you are interested in being considered for this work:

  • A brief (not to exceed four pages) summary of your approach to the tasks outlined in the statement of work.

  • Resumes (not to exceed 2 pages each) for the individuals who will be substantially involved in the work.

  • A budget that provides adequate clarity to justify the work that will be performed.

  • A brief overview (not to exceed three pages) of past projects that highlight your organization’s qualifications to perform this work.

All materials should be submitted in PDF format.

Contract Mechanism- Time & Material; contract ceiling estimate $300,000

Deadline for Submission- Friday, August 26 at 5:00pm EST