International Immunization Technical Consultant (Asia Pacific)


JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) is a US-based not-for-profit organization that specializes in public health. For the past 30 years, JSI has been providing technical assistance to health programs in more than 106 countries across a wide-range of technical areas.

JSI is currently recruiting for an internationally based technical consultant with experience in the Asia Pacific region to help respond to a proposal. The consultancy will be contingent upon award and would be a named individual within the proposal.

Purpose of work & Background: JSI proposes to work closely with immunization stakeholders to understand the performance of the immunization program and identify potential areas of intervention for stream-lining efforts to ensure all children are vaccinated. Work expected includes establishing a strong relationship with the Ministry of Health and immunization department, collaborative analysis of the performance of the immunization program, and supporting stakeholders to address identified issues for tailored interventions for the immunization program.


The primary responsibilities during the consultancy will be:

  • Serve as the primary in-country contact with local stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and the immunization program for this technical work to strengthen the immunization environment. This includes routine communication, stakeholder coordination meetings, to introduce the concept, align on priorities, ensure collaboration and accountability, and gain buy-in for the approach.
  • With support from the global team, collaborate with stakeholders to gain an understanding of the immunization program and government structure supporting activities.
  • Lead collective approaches to identifying potential interventions, ensure alignment and contributions from all stakeholders. Responsible for organizing any meetings this may require.
  • Manage all in-country activities and track progress against workplans and deliverables. Evaluate and document experience and learnings.
  • Link to global team for technical guidance and best practices, ensuring these are applied and adapted at the country level.
  • Collaborate in a desk review to identify and better understand the system and gaps in performance.
  • Contribute to documentation of lessons learned and required reporting.


Below are the required qualifications for this consultancy:

  • Greater than 10 years of experience working with ministries of health and immunization in particular;
  • Ability to coordinate multiple partners and provide strategic guidance and direction;
  • Experience with and/or exposure to qualitative research in health areas;
  • Expertise to take global guidance and adapt it to local context;
  • Deep understanding of country contexts and government processes
  • Experience operating in the Asia Pacific.

Location: Asia Pacific
How to Apply: Email your CV and cover letter to in advance of the application deadline. CVs will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Date Issued: March 20, 2023 12:00 am
Due Date: March 28, 2023 5:00 pm EDT

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