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Zambia Male Characterization Study: Insights to Inform HIV Programming to Increase Men’s HIV Service Utilization (AIDS2020 presentation)


For Zambia to achieve HIV epidemic control by 2020, a key gap must be addressed: finding, engaging, and sustaining the missing men in HIV services, particularly men 20-34, who are among the least virally-suppressed groups.

This presentation from the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference highlights the Zambia Male Characterization Study, which provides useful insights to improve HIV programs and support men to access and utilize HIV services in a timely manner, for their own health and the health of their sexual partners. Effective HIV programs for men will help Zambia not only to achieve, but also maintain, HIV epidemic control.

Authors: Muka Chikuba-McLeod, Katherine Beal, Mercy Chisashi, Peter Chungulo, Luigi Cicciò, Andrew Fullem, Sarah Illingworth, Caitlin Madevu-Matson, Musonda Musonda, MwansaNjelesani, Heidi O’Bra, Kim Watson, 2020

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