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What do Family Planning Staff Prioritize for Patient Experience Improvements? Findings From a Training Initiative in New York State

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It is especially important for providers of sexual and reproductive healthcare services to deliver positive patient experiences, given the personal, preference-driven, and sensitive nature of these services. We facilitated a patient experience training initiative with 8 teams representing family planning agencies in New York State. Teams participated in onsite assessment activities, 4 individualized coaching calls, and 5 group virtual sessions. Teams reported regularly on their progress and changes made. Seven teams (88%) improved clinic flow and 4 teams (50%) increased access to appointments. Five teams (63%) each addressed staff satisfaction and internal communication, and 2 teams (25%) improved their first impressions with patients. Four teams (50%) enhanced the physical environment and 3 teams (38%) improved their website and virtual presence. When engaged in a process to collect data, identify opportunities for improvement, implement changes, and reflect on the progress of those changes—both individually and with peer agencies—all 8 teams successfully implemented system-level changes.

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