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Vermont Tobacco Control Program: Strategic Evaluation & Performance Measurement Plan, 2015 – 2020


The Vermont Tobacco Control Program’s (VTCP) strategic evaluation and performance measurement plan (SEP) serves as the evaluation and monitoring portfolio for the five-year project period, 2015-2020, laying out the rationale, general content, scope, and sequence of the evaluations the Program plans to conduct.

The VTCP’s evaluation activities will assess overall progress and impact of the VTCP to demonstrate the impact and efficacy of the Program and its strategies. The evaluation will also inform recommendations on program funding, state and community interventions, media, cessation, policy, and tobacco disparities.

The VTCP is particularly interested in understanding how well it is addressing tobacco use and cessation disparity among target populations (e.g., low income/Medicaid). Evaluation of strategy-specific initiatives have been prioritized by the program to assess implementation and/or impact. A reporting plan of the program’s CDC performance measures are also incorporated in the SEP. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., 2016.

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