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Understanding influences on demand for and consumption of animal-source foods: Insights from 8 Rwandan districts


This study was developed to gain insights into the demand for and consumption of animal-source foods (ASFs) in 8 districts of Rwanda; with the purpose of strengthening the market system response to meet consumer need, especially of those vulnerable populations. Study findings provide a view into the perceptions and practices of typical families in the Orora Wihaze program area and complement what is known from other quantitative studies, about the current poor consumption of ASFs. What this study offers beyond others is explanations for why people chose, or do not choose, the foods that they consume with a focus on ASFs. These insights that describe the reasons behind consumption patterns should allow the market system to tailor activities and accelerate progress in enabling Rwandan families to better access and use ASFs so all family members can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet that includes animal-source foods.

This report was prepared by The Manoff Group (a JSI company) and Catholic Relief Services under the Venture 37 Orora Wihaze Consortium

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