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The Nigerian health information system policy review of 2014: the need, content, expectations and progress

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Background: Nigeria's national health information system (HIS) data sources are grouped into institutional and population based data that traverse many government institutions. Communication and collaboration between these institutions are limited, fraught with fragmentation and challenges national HIS functionality.

Objectives: The objective of this paper was to share insights from and the implications of a recent review of Nigeria's HIS policy in 2014 that resulted in its substantial revision. We also highlight some subsequent enactments.

Review process and outcomes: In 2013, Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Health launched an inter?ministerial and multi?departmental review of the National Health Management Information System policy of 2006. The review was guided by World Health Organization's ‘Framework and Standards for Country Health Information Systems’. The key finding was a lack of governance mechanisms in the execution of the policy, including an absent data management governance process. The review also found a multiplicity of duplicative, parallel reporting tools and platforms.

Conclusion: Recommendations for HIS Policy revisions were proposed to and implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The revised HIS policy now provides for a strong framework for the leadership and governance of the HIS with early results.

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