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The effects of switching from 10 to 5-dose vials of MR vaccine on vaccination coverage and wastage: A mixed-method study in Zambia

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Vaccines procured for low-income countries are often packaged in multi-dose vials to reduce program costs. To avoid wastage, health workers may refrain from opening a vial if few children attend an immunization session, possibly leading to lower coverage. Lowering the number of doses in a vial may increase coverage and reduce wastage.

We used a mixed-methods approach to measure the effects of switching from conventional 10-dose measles-containing vaccine (MCV) vials to 5-dose MCV vials on coverage and open vial wastage in 14 districts purposely selected from two provinces in Zambia. 

Authors: Kirstin Krudwig, Barbara Knittel, Ali Karim, Natasha Kanagat, Wendy Prosser, Guissimon Phiri, Frances Mwansa, Robert Steinglass

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