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Testing Only those Who Really Need Testing: Use of HIV Risk Assessment Tool in the USAID DISCOVER-Health Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program in Zambia


Nationally, at least 95% of male clients are tested for HIV before surgery, as part of the VMMC service package. However, this led to an HIV positivity yield of around 0.1%, compared to 5% in the general male population. Therefore, using the HIV-risk screening tool in this population would identify those at high HIV-risk and reduce unnecessary and costly HIV testing.

In April 2019, an HIV-risk screening tool was introduced in the VMMC program. The HIV-risk screening tool is administered by a trained HIV counselor during pre-surgery counseling. The authors compared pre-intervention HIV testing from the period July-December 2018, with post-intervention HIV testing for the same period in 2019, and computed estimated cost savings.

Authors: Joshua Kashitala, C. Madevu-Matson, A Fullem, M. Chikuba-McLeod, 2020

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