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Tanzania: 2020 Supply Chain Modeling: Forecasting Demand from 2020-2024


The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, in collaboration with LLamasoft, Inc., has undertaken the 2020 Supply Chain Modeling project as a way to develop a reusable framework to forecast developing countries’ public health supply chain needs for the future. The 2020 model can be applied quickly to any country, for any future timeframe. This will help policymakers accurately visualize and understand the most likely and possible situations that they may face, and how to make informed decisions about designing effective supply chains to meet those demands. 

In 2011, the framework was applied for the second time in Tanzania. This report covers the application of a reusable modeling framework in Tanzania that has been used to forecast developing countries’ future public health supply chain needs. This report was written by JSI's USAID | DELIVER PROJECT in 2011.

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