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Supply Chain Visibility for Informed Resupply Decisions: Using cStock to Collect Logistics Data in Crisis Settings


This case study shows how cStock, a mobile solution used to report and resupply health commodities, developed by Kenya-based InSupply Health, can be useful in humanitarian and fragile settings. 

inSupply has implemented cStock across four of Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL), where the environment is challenging and populations are remote, hard to reach, and sometimes migratory. In these resource-constrained settings, the area’s nomadic community health volunteers, who have no special training and sometimes low literacy levels, use cStock through their phones to successfully report stock data to supervisors, triggering resupply. cStock makes the system accessible with familiar visuals and voice features, and can capture logistics data offline and submit it when internet access is available.

After introducing cStock, the four ASALs saw a steady increase in reporting rates of stock data, which allows health supply chain managers to prevent stockouts of medicines and other health supplies. 

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