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Strengthening the Zambian MOH to implement an effective COVID-19 communications strategy via strategic partnerships


Early in the COVID-19 emergency, in the face of relentless misinformation, the Ministry of Health Zambia needed to project authority as the most credible source of COVID-19 information in Zambia. USAID DISCOVER-Health worked in the background to support well-managed strategic partnerships between MOH/ZNPHI and civic leaders, donors, UN agencies, the private sector, other implementing partners, and beneficiary communities, and to support effective multi-channel/media implementation.

Coordinated partnerships have ensured a trusted, comprehensive, and targeted COVID-19 communications strategy that effectively reaches different population segments across Zambia, and should be maintained and leveraged for other health programs. This poster was presented at the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference. 

Authors: Mwansa Njelesani; Answell Chipukuma; Sarah Hatchard; Francis Kasonde; Mercy Chisashi; Malia Duffy; Caitlin Madevu-Matson; Chando Mapoma; Musonda Musonda; Sarah Illingworth, 2020

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