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Strengthening Comprehensive Council Health Planning to Increase Immunization Coverage: A Pilot Activity in Kagera Region, Tanzania


In Tanzania, MCSP provides technical support to the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children focused on ensuring that all women, newborns, and children who are most in need have equitable access to quality health care services to save lives. In 2013, MCHIP, the predecessor to MCSP, supported Tanzania’s Immunization and Vaccine Development (IVD) Program in conducting a RAPID immunization service assessment that found, among other things, that some councils did not budget properly for the recurring costs of annual immunization program delivery.

As a result, in 2014, MCSP conducted a more in-depth assessment of the Comprehensive Council Health Plan (CCHP) development process in Tanzania’s Kagera Region. The objective was to explore ways in which councils could develop more accurate CCHPs to support improved council-level vaccination program delivery, which leads to higher child vaccination rates and reduced rates of VPDs.

This report documents MCSP and the Government of Tanzania’s experience piloting this CCHP strengthening intervention. The report details approaches, methods used, assessment findings, and lessons learned. JSI/MCSP. 2019.

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