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SPRING: Operationalizing Multi-sectoral Coordination and Collaboration for Improved Nutrition


Reducing undernutrition requires a commitment from multiple sectors, yet documentation on how to collaborate across sectors to reach global goals is scant. Through a three-country assessment and literature review in Guatemala, Bangladesh, and Rwanda, SPRING investigated approaches to multisectoral collaboration for nutrition.

This paper highlights lessons that USAID and its implementing partners learned, and provides a series of recommendations to guide the designing, implementing, and monitoring of future collaboration. Lessons gleaned from the three countries suggest how to initiate and manage a multisectoral collaboration strategy for nutrition. There are important similarities and differences in how the countries approach this effort, with each employing specific structures, processes, and practices that facilitate or hinder successful collaboration. SPRING identified six commonalities across the countries related to leadership, strategy, communication, accountability, documentation, and reporting that also align with key stages in the program development and implementation cycle.

JSI/Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally (SPRING) project. 2016.

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