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Rising Risk: An Overview of Identification and Intervention Approaches

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This brief, produced with generous support from Blue Shield of California Foundation, explores the concept of rising risk in the health field. Given that it is well understood that a small group of “familiar faces” consume a disproportionate percentage of healthcare resources (the top 5% of patients are responsible for more than 50% of utilization) it follows that identifying risk in the population early and intervening effectively has the potential to save resources and improve health outcomes. The growing emphasis on efficiency and value, a new set of data collection and analysis tools, and the recognition that uncoordinated, after-the-fact response is not optimal all support a focus on rising-risk populations.

Through a literature review and discussions with leaders in the field, JSI's California team investigated key considerations in addressing rising risk, outlined methods for identification and intervention along a continuum from focusing on one individual at a time to focusing on populations, and identified illustrative examples from the field. JSI, 2018.

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