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Results from the 2017 Vermont Local Opinion Leaders Survey – Opinions Regarding Tobacco, Alcohol, and non-Medical Marijuana Prevention and Control Policy Options


This report contains results, findings, and recommendations from the 2017 Local Opinion Leaders Survey in Vermont.

In 2014, The Vermont Tobacco Control Program (VTCP) and the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADAP) sponsored a survey of local opinion leaders in Vermont (conducted by RTI). The primarily interview-based survey ascertained opinions on a series of possible tobacco control policies. In 2017, VTCP and ADAP co-sponsored a second local opinion leader survey, conducted by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. The 2017 survey expands on the 2014 survey by including additional local opinion leaders (local planning council chairs, chamber of commerce members and staff) and additional policies (for alcohol and recreational marijuana use).

The overall response rate was 68.1% for the full sample, with a total of 211 individual responses. Policies that garnered 50% or more support include: increasing tobacco excise tax, restricting advertising for non-medical marijuana and related paraphernalia, preventing retailers from accepting tobacco coupons, and restricting alcohol consumption in public places. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. 2018.

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