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Reducing Malnutrition through Farmer Nutrition Schools: Key Elements for Implementation Based on the SPRING Experience in Bangladesh


Farmer nutrition schools (FNS) improve food security, empower women, and create social and behavior change for better nutrition. In early 2012, the USAID asked the Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally (SPRING) project to develop an approach for improving nutrition and food security that could be quickly scaled up across its Feed the Future zone of influence along the coastal belt of Bangladesh.

We built our approach on three evidence-based strategies: the essential nutrition actions and essential hygiene actions (ENA/EHA); homestead food production (HFP)l and farmer field schools (FFS). We called this hybrid approach “Farmer nutrition schools.”

This document looks at the elements necessary for a successful farmer nutrition school program and the elements of the approach. JSI/SPRING Project, 2016.

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