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ReImagining Technical Assistance at JSI


JSI is reimagining our approaches to technical assistance (TA) and capacity strengthening. There are a range of entrenched TA and capacity-building practices that undermine country agency in driving health sector performance improvement. We have outlined nine critical shifts as a vision for the future.

JSI is leveraging these insights, and our 44 years of experience implementing projects across 107 countries, to reflect on our role as an implementer and improve our approach to how we provide TA. The critical shifts are aligned with our organizational vision, inform how we partner, and shape how we implement our programs.

We have developed nine critical shifts to improve the delivery and intended outcomes of capacity-strengthening TA. Co-created and validated by stakeholders—including country-based, government, local, and international implementing partners and representatives of communities of interest—the critical shifts are a bridge between the identified challenges of current TA approaches and the vision developed for improved capacity strengthening and other TA investments. 

This document highlights those nine critical shifts and provides a visual of how they can be operationalized.

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