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Quality of TB services assessment: The unique contribution of patient and provider perspectives in identifying and addressing gaps in the quality of TB services

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Ambitious efforts to detect and treat tuberculosis (TB) are required to reduce the burden of disease in low resource settings, and the provision of high-quality TB services is critical to reaching global TB targets. The quality of TB services assessment (QTSA) is a facility-based approach aimed at identifying gaps in TB services and prioritizing interventions to improve care across multiple countries with high TB burden. Randomly sampled facilities are assessed with standardized instruments to collect data on structures, processes, and outcomes of TB care, with adaption for local diagnostic and treatment algorithms. The sampling strategy is modified to ensure representation of all levels of the health system where TB services are provided, as well as the inclusion of private sector or other facility types relevant to the context. Instruments include a facility audit, provider and patient interviews, and a review of TB registers. A recent QTSA in the Philippines generated important data on provider and patient perspectives on quality of care, showing that providers are more likely to report that they counseled current TB patients on key aspects of TB diagnosis and treatment than patients are to report having received the information. These comparisons highlight areas where refresher training or interpersonal communication and counseling skills may be needed.

Authors: Charlotte Colvin, Gretchen De Silva, Celine Garfin, Soumya Alva, Suzanne Cloutier, Donna Gaviola, Kola Oyediran, Tito Rodorgo, Jeanne Chaffour

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