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Prioritizing and Funding the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan

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In 2010, Uganda began developing its first multisectoral nutrition plan, the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP), to reduce malnutrition. While the UNAP signals high-level commitment to addressing nutrition, knowledge gaps remain about how to successfully implement such a plan. This article tracks the UNAP’s influence on the process of priority setting and funding for nutrition from 2013 to 2015 using a longitudinal mixed methods design. 

Important enabling factors named by stakeholders included identity, human resources, sustainable structures, coordination, advocacy, and adaptation of the UNAP to local needs. The results suggest that UNAP has played an important role in strengthening the enabling environment for nutrition action. The next UNAP will need to translate these improvements into a greater number of nutrition activities and higher levels of funding at the national and subnational levels. 

Authors: Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, Alexis D'Agostino, Nancy Adero, Hannah Foeringer Merchant, Abel Muzoora, Ezekiel Mupere, Edgar Agaba, Lidan Du 

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