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Prioritizing and Funding Nepal’s Multisector Nutrition Plan

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Nepal has a long tradition of designing good multisectoral nutrition policy. However, the success of policy implementation has varied. This paper tracks the influence of Nepal's multisectoral nutrition plan (MSNP) on the process of priority setting and budgeting from 2014 to 2016. 

Improved understanding of the MSNP was documented nationally and in study districts but not in VDCs. Human resources, ownership, bottom-up planning, coordination, advocacy, and sustainable structures all emerged as important factors within the enabling environment. Evidence suggests the MSNP influenced improvements in the last 3 factors. The MSNP appears to have strengthened the nutrition system in Nepal and increased priority and funding for nutrition. Next steps include linkages to the districts and below. Other countries can learn from the MSNP's success in increasing investment for nutrition. 

Authors: Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, Madhukar B. Shrestha, Monica Biradavolu, Kusum Hachhethi, Robin Houston, Indu Sharma, Jolene Wun.

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