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Primary Health Care Unit Health Post Guidelines to Implement RED

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In collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and EPI partners, JSI is excited to announce two news guidelines for implementation of the Reaching Every District (RED) strategy in Ethiopia. In 2018, Ethiopia introduced an adapted version of the RED approach with guidance specific to implementation in Ethiopia. As a complement to the Ethiopian RED Guide, these guidelines provide staff in the primary health care unit (PHCU), which includes both health centers (HC) and health posts (HP), with the essential information to carry out their RED implementation tasks.

As the focus of the RED approach is on strengthening district level service delivery, these guides are intended to provide step-by-step guidance for health managers at the HC level, and health workers at the HP level, to implement the five main operational components of RED: 1) planning and management of resources, 2) reaching all eligible populations, 3) engaging communities, 4) supportive supervision, and 5) monitoring and use of data for action. Through implementation of these sub-district guidelines, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health hopes to build a stronger routine immunization system and improve the quality and reach of immunization services across the country

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