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Point of care data-driven reviews to improve retention in care


The Lango sub-region in northern Uganda has 2.4 million people: 80% live in rural communities and 50% are below 15 years. HIV prevalence is 7.2%, above the national average of 6.2%. USAID’s Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services North, Lango (RHITES-N, Lango) project, implemented by John Snow, Inc (JSI), is committed to improving client access to and retention on lifelong ART. The expected annual number of clients on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Lango sub-region by the end of September 2019 was 87,278. But, the project noted low retention rates in March 2019, with only 62% and 69% of clients previously started on ART who were still in care at 6 and 12 months respectively. 

The project applied interventions to improve timely identification of lost clients, to increase return to care, and ultimately to improve retention in care. 

Authors: Aguze G; Donggo P; Ictho J; Ogwal D;  Lochoro P ;Atim HR; Okello J; Obizo M;  Orech JB; Akello L; Sangadi G, 2020

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