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PEPFAR Strategic Information Capacity Assessment Tool


This tool is designed to enable local organizations to assess their existing strategic information (SI) systems against PEPFAR best-practice standards and to prioritize capacity strengthening interventions. USAID missions and international partners can also use the tool to conduct external assessments of local partners’ SI systems. Local organizations and others supporting them can compare assessment results, use performance expectations to develop concrete action plans, and come to agreement on priority areas for capacity strengthening investments.  

Discrete performance expectations make the PSICA tool practical to complete, taking between 1 and 2 hours for initial assessment. The tool is available in MS Excel to be used by individual organizations or it can be provided through an online survey to a group of organizations.

The tool was developed through the Data.Fi project, building on JSI's best practice benchmarking approach, which provides a foundation for organizations to strengthen their capacity and plan their journey to self-reliance. JSI/Data.Fi. 2020.

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