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NGO Granting for Excellence: MAHEFA’s experience in building NGOs’ capacity


Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) play important roles in communities in which they exist. In Madagascar, local NGOs and other community actors have played a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and improving the lives of disadvantaged populations. Coordination between governments and NGOs allows for great potential to effect sustainable change.

MAHEFA’s strategic approach to NGO capacity building aimed to promote technical and organizational excellence and impose high standards in three major areas; finance and administration (F&A) systems, operational compliance practices, and technical data system and use. Focusing on these three areas of MAHEFA’s strategic approach to building the competency of NGOs enabled the program to successfully achieve its objective of delivering sustainable community health services to the most remote regions of the country.

This technical brief describes MAHEFA’s work with NGO grantees outlining the accomplishments, challenges and recommendations as a result of MAHEFA’s tailored approach to building NGO capacity over the course of five years. JSI / USAID | CBIHP, 2016.

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