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Maternal and Child Survival Program Engagement in the 2017 Gavi Joint Appraisal and Country Engagement Framework


To assess the implementation progress and performance of Gavi’s support for new and underutilized vaccines and health system strengthening efforts, as well as its contribution to improved immunization coverage and equity, Gavi countries engage in regular review processes—either joint appraisals (JAs) or country engagement framework (CEF) reviews.

The Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) is a key immunization partner in many countries and a member of the immunization coordination committee technical working groups. JSI leads the immunization work under MCSP.

This report provides an overview of the MCSP country experiences during the recent Gavi JA and CEF processes, which took place in MCSP country programs from May–December 2017. Information about these experiences was obtained through surveys, which MCSP immunization staff completed in all 12 countries where they participated in the JA or CEF.

Follow-up on responses to the surveys occurred by email and through in-depth interviews. This report is intended to summarize MCSP staff experience and feedback on the JA and CEF processes; it does not present views of other stakeholders who may have also participated in the JA.

This report centers on the process itself—from MCSP’s perspective—and highlights key strengths and challenges, then makes recommendations that could be helpful in improving the overall process in the future. MCSP is sharing this information with a view toward strengthening the JA and CEF processes, supporting countries and ensuring greater inclusion of all partners’ inputs in country, and better leveraging and complementing the significant investment of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Gavi. MCSP believes that strengthening the process will benefit country Expanded Programs on Immunization (EPIs) and, by extension, children and families. JSI/Maternal and Child Survival Program, 2018.

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