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Linked vaccination coverage surveys plus serosurveys among Ethiopian toddlers undertaken three years apart to compare coverage and serologic evidence of protection in districts implementing the RED-QI approach

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The prevalence of seroprotective titers of tetanus antitoxin (stimulated by tetanus toxoid components within pentavalent vaccine) provides a reliable biomarker to identify children who received pentavalent vaccine. In the three study woredas, the RED-QI intervention appeared to improve immunization service delivery, as documented by enhanced pentavalent vaccine coverage, vaccination timeliness, and fewer missed vaccination opportunities. A measles mass vaccination campaign was followed by a markedly increased prevalence of measles PRN antibodies. Collectively, these observations suggest that wider implementation of RED-QI can strengthen immunization, and periodic linked vaccination surveys/serosurveys can monitor changes.

Authors: James D Campbell, Marcela F Pasetti, Lisa Oot, Zenaw Adam, Mesfin Tefera, Berhane Beyane, Nigisti Mulholland, Robert Steinglass, Rebecca Krey, Wilbur H Chen, William C Blackwelder, Myron M Levine 

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