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Implementing a modified World Health Organization safe childbirth checklist in health centers of Ethiopia: a pre and post intervention study

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Childbirth is a complex process, and checklists are useful tools to remember steps of such complex processes. The World Health Organization safe childbirth checklist is a tool used to improve the quality of care provided to women giving birth. The checklist was modified by Ministry of Health and was introduced to health centers in Ethiopia by the USAID Transform: Primary Health Care Activity.

Authors: Hailemariam Segni Abawollo, Zergu Tafesse Tsegaye, Binyam Fekadu Desta, Tsega Teferi Mamo, Haregewoin Getachew Mamo, Zebyderu Tesfay Mehari, Zenawork Kassa Gebremedhin, and Ismael Ali Beshir 

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