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Immunization Tools to Help the Dose Per Container Decision


Ministries of Health (MOH) considering a change in the presentation of vaccine containers or introducing different presentations of the same vaccine for different delivery contexts will want to assess the effects of that change in advance. The Dose Per Container Partnership (DPCP) reviewed 10 frequently used immunization tools that include inputs or outputs related to dose per container (DPC), and user feedback, and assess the tools’ ability to support analysis of the impact of a DPC decision on six essential components of the immunization system. This analysis highlights opportunities for future developments or adaptations of tools to better include DPC for future developments or adaptation of tools.

Although decision-makers consider alternative vaccine presentations in the interest of increasing coverage and reducing wastage, current immunization tools do not allow predictions of how such changes would affect the immunization system. Adapting some tools could allow consideration of certain, but not all, system impacts from changing DPC. JSI, 2017.

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