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Home-based Records Country Learning: Increasing Child Health Card Retention in Nepal


Home-based records (HBRs), known as child health cards in Nepal, are a key data collection and monitoring tool to ensure that children receive life-saving vaccinations.

Child health cards have been part of Nepal’s national immunization program since 1979. However, the 2016 DHS shows that half of caregivers have either not received these vital health documents or not properly retained them. JSI supported Nepal’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and collaborated with other partners to improve the use, availability, and retention of cards among key users over an 18 month period. Although the interventions focused on three districts, JSI worked closely with national leaders throughout the process to consider needs and opportunities across Nepal. The package of interventions was evidence-based, responding to the perceptions and practices of users ranging from health workers and female community health volunteers to caregivers. JSI, 2018.

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