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Health Homes Rate Setting Tool


With support from The California Endowment (TCE), JSI developed the Health Homes Rate Setting Tool to support health center leaders in considering the costs, staffing, and infrastructure needs associated with implementing Health Homes. Health Homes is the care management and care coordination program supported by DHCS for individuals with multiple chronic conditions; the program is expected to begin in July 2018. This tool can give health centers a starting point in negotiating rates for Health Homes services with their plans, as well as providing insight into what additional resources and staffing may be needed. Though this was designed with the Health Homes program in mind, the tool may be useful for health centers considering other care management or care coordination initiatives.

Guidance and instructions for using the tool are available in an accompanying document. JSI also recently conducted a webinar with the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) to guide users through the tool, a recording of which can be found here. For questions about this tool or its use, please contact robin_haller@jsi.com.

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