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Getting Products to People: The JSI Framework for Integrated Supply Chain Management in Public Health


A strong health system cannot function without a well-designed, well-operated, and well-maintained supply chain management system. The JSI Framework for Integrated Supply Chain Management in Public Health draws from commercial sector best practices to solve problems in public health supply chains.

An integrated supply chain has visibility of information and activity up and down the chain, fewer steps in its processes, and greater coordination and predictability of demand between all the levels and actors in the system. This includes linking all the actors involved in managing essential health commodities into one cohesive supply chain management organization. The organization can oversee all functions, levels, and partners, ensuring an adequate supply of essential health commodities to the clients who need them. 

Watch a video (available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Hindi) that explains JSI’s approach to supply chain integration: Getting Products to People: How Integration Can Transform Public Health Supply Chains

Read How Private Sector Solutions Can Strengthen Supply Chains for Public Health to learn more about how supply chains will need to evolve and engage the private sector to respond effectively to a changing landscape, expanding healthcare marketplace, and an increasing demand for health services.

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