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Evaluation of Global Experiences in Large-Scale Double-Fortified Salt Programs

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Double-fortified salt (DFS) is a vehicle for dual fortification with iron and iodine, to reduce their respective deficiencies. We assessed programmatic experience with DFS from social safety net programs in India and from non–social safety net country programs or projects in Argentina, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Findings revealed color change of the final DFS product was an issue in 9 of the 14 programs or studies reviewed and was the most significant challenge that had a direct impact on consumer acceptance and uptake regardless of type of program (open market or social safety net). Other challenges identified were related to the quality of the salt and lack of DFS formulation standards and regulatory monitoring protocols. DFS offers a unique opportunity to leverage an almost universally consumed product with the addition of 2 important nutrients missing in many populations. However, program “maturity” will take time with urgent attention needed for quality production.

Authors: Denish Moorthy, Laura Rowe

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