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Engaging Government Agriculture Staff to Promote Nutrition at the Community Level


High-impact nutrition practices cannot be adopted and sustained by a given population simply by increasing knowledge or awareness. Many complex and contextual factors influence everyday decisions to consider, try, adopt and/or reject, and ultimately internalize and sustain a given behavior.

The SPRING project in Bangladesh partners with government health and agriculture staff to reach pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children under two through numerous contact points in a variety of settings and through a range of interventions over a sustained period. SPRING has adopted the essential nutrition and hygiene actions (ENA/EHA) framework for its multi-sectoral programmatic approach.

SPRING/Bangladesh has shown how collaboration and coordination among various government departments can contribute to better nutrition. This multi-channel approach multiplies the effect of the ENA/EHA framework and fosters behavior change around nutrition and hygiene at many different points. Although frontline MOA staff may have seemed like an unlikely nutrition partner at first, they have been enthusiastic about incorporating health messages into their work in rural communities across Bangladesh. JSI/SPRING Project, 2017.

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