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Data Triangulation: Use of Health Facility Immunization Reporting Tools


Immunization reporting tools vary between countries, but typically various paper-based tools are used at health facilities. The data collected from each tool provides important information for individual child tracking as well as for numbers vaccinated and calculating percentage coverage and drop-outs. When used together and data entries are up-to-date across all forms and for all antigens, they provide a complete picture of the vaccination program for the target population and for each child’s vaccination status.

Use of these tools should be part of the monitoring and feedback system: for data quality improvement; self-assessment and use by the facility staff; observed during supervision visits; and reviewed during quarterly meetings — with opportunities for facility and district staff to also share data and experiences.

This document was developed to outline various immunization tools used at the health facility level and how they are used in harmonization with immunization programs (EPI) to increase coverage and improve data quality. This document shows how immunization data analysis and use can be strengthened, utilizing existing tools and building capacity at health facility and district levels. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. 2017.

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