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Data Quality Improvement Plan, Liberia 2022-2027


The Liberia Ministry of Health (MoH) recognizes the importance of quality data for program planning, monitoring, and evaluation, and acknowledges the challenges of data availability, data quality, and data use across all program areas. With that in mind, the MoH decided to develop a Data Quality Improvement Plan (DQIP) to ensure a more integrated data improvement approach across the MoH units/ departments and implementing partners. 

This DQIP was developed by the Liberia MoH Expanded Programme on Immunization and Health Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Unit, in collaboration with and support of JSI, Gavi, the Global Fund, USAID, WHO, and LMH. The DQIP defines the strategic direction and targeted interventions for addressing the influencers of data availability, quality, and use, including strengthening of structures, systems, and capacities. The goal is to achieve greater quality and more effective management of the HIS, for the achievement of the overall goal of substantial improvements in health outcomes in the country. 

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