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Country perspectives on improving technical assistance in the health sector

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This paper presents learnings from the Re-Imagining Technical Assistance for Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health and Health Systems Strengthening (RTA) project implemented in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria from April 2018 to September 2020 by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. and Sonder Collective and managed by the Child Health Task Force. We analyzed project reports and 68 interviews with technical assistance (TA) funders, providers, and consumers to explore in greater detail their perspectives on TA, its characteristics and drawbacks as well as opportunities for improvement. We used qualitative content analysis techniques for this study. Participants in project workshops and interviews called for a transformation in TA centered on redistribution of power enabling governments to establish their health agendas in keeping with the issues that are of greatest importance to them, followed by a collaboration with donors to develop TA interventions. Recommended improvements to the TA landscape in this paper include nine critical shifts, four domains of change, and 20 new guiding principles.

Authors: Natasha Kanagat, Jeanne Chauffour, Jean-Fidèle Ilunga, Sylvain Yuma Ramazani, John J.P. Ovuoraye Ajiwohwodoma, Salma Ibrahim Anas-Kolo, Oleka Maryjane, Nkeiru Onuekwusi, Toto Ezombe, James Dominion, Joseph Sunday, Joseph Kasongo, Gavial Ngambwa, Christy Asala, Célestin Nsibu, Abimbola Williams, Melanie Wendland, Emilia Klimiuk, Anne LaFond, Nosa Orobaton, Dyness Kasungami

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