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Coaching Community Health Volunteers in Integrated Community Case Management Improves the Care of Sick Children Under-5: Experience from Bondo, Kenya

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This paper describes the process of capacity building community health volunteers (CHVs) to deliver integrated preventive and curative package of care of services to manage common childhood illness in hard-to-reach communities in Bondo Subcounty, Kenya.

It was found that knowledge assessment scores improved after a six day integrated community case management (iCCM) course and additional three week clinical coaching at health facilities. Training and clinical coaching built CHV's skills to manage common childhood illnesses. The CHVs demonstrated ability to follow the Kenya iCCM algorithm for decision-making on whether to treat or refer a sick child. The communities' confidence in CHVs' ability to deliver integrated case management resulted in modification of care-seeking behavior

Authors: M Shiroya-Wandabwa, M Kabue, D Kasungami, J Wambua, D Otieno, C Waka, A Ngindu, C Ayuyo, S Kigondu, J Oliech, I Malonza

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