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Building Resilient Management of Immunization Programs at Subnational Levels: Implementation of RED-QI in Ethiopia and Uganda Shows How the Approach Strengthens the Ability of Immunization Programs to Respond Effectively to Problems


Resilience in an immunization system requires planning for both the sustainability of the program and the ability to quickly recover from adversity, through isolating and managing threats to limit their effect on the program. JSI developed a unique approach to help countries strengthen immunization programs, known as Reaching Every District using Quality Improvement (RED-QI). RED-QI helps build resilience in immunization systems by implementing problem-solving tools and processes and training health managers and workers in management skills.

This brief is part of a series documenting JSI's lessons learned from implementing the RED-QI approach in Ethiopia and Uganda. The brief provides an overview of the RED-QI approach and describes how RED-QI improved resiliency in Ethiopia and Uganda.

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