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Assessing Progress in Implementing Uganda’s Nutrition Action Plan: District-Level Insights

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The 2011 Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) established 2016 maternal and child nutrition targets. However, there is a lack of routine district-level data collection to assess UNAP implementation. In this study, the authors used Nutrition Innovation Lab (NIL) data to inform policymakers on the progress of UNAP-related indicators. 

Although the study showed improvements in key UNAP indicators, there is a need to invest in appropriate methods to gauge its progress because the NIL was not designed to assess UNAP. Since the quality of implementation of complex multisectoral programs can differ widely across different contexts, it is critical that effective monitoring of progress be part of such programs. National endorsement of nutrition plans doesn’t in itself result in desired outcomes, hence, the allocation of scarce resources has to be based on rigorous evidence.

Authors: Edgar Agaba, Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, Shibani Ghosh, Jeffrey K. Griffiths

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