Vermont Title V Needs Assessment



Vermont Department of Health


United States

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JSI was contracted by Vermont Department of Health (VDH) to conduct components of the State's Title V comprehensive needs assessment that will allow the Department to fulfill its federal requirement. The needs assessment allows VDH and its stakeholders to develop priority setting plans to identify and select the priority needs for the state and guide the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant activities for the next five years. This project must capture the geographic, demographic, and socio-economic diversity of the MCH population. The project will culminate in a range of recommendations drawn from the project's findings that have been vetted and agreed upon by state MCH stakeholders. The final agreed-upon recommendations will position Vermont to prioritize resources in order to address the needs of its MCH populations and strengthen the services and systems of care for these populations. The project recommendations will also include a set of performance measures related to the needs identified that will assist VDH to track progress and monitor service, program, and system performance.

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