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The USAID Strengthening Healthcare Access project is a five-year (2023–2028) USAID-funded initiative aimed at enhancing access to and equitable use of evidence-based maternal, newborn, and child health; nutrition; family planning; and reproductive health (MNCHN/FP/RH) services in Yemen. It is primarily implemented in Aden, Hadramout, Lahj, and Ta'izz governorates, and builds on the work of the USAID Systems, Health and Resiliency Project.

Led by JSI, the project collaborates with partners to employ a community-guided strategy encompassing demand generation, supply-side reinforcement, and an enabling environment for health in a complex and rapidly changing setting. The project works with midwives, community health workers and leaders, women, men, youth, elders, and families to meet 10 objectives:

  1. Improve health facilities and personnel readiness to provide high-quality care.
  2. Ensure flow of high-quality health supplies and improve commodity security.   
  3. Improve access to MNCHN/FP/RH and emergency services.
  4. Increase uptake of MNCHN/FP/RH services.
  5. Promote self-care and preventive health.
  6. Improve MNCHN/FP/RH program governance and financing.
  7. Improve coordination among partners involved in MNCHN/FP/RH service delivery.
  8. Improve availability and use of health management information systems.
  9. Improve MoPHP capacity to update MNCHN/FP/RH-related policies, regulations, and guidelines.
  10. Establish an accredited community midwife pre-service training program.

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