Strategic Planning, Partnership Evaluation, and Coalition Management for CDC’s Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases



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Achieving CDC’s vision of a strong, vigilant U.S. public health system—ready and able to prevent and control endemic diseases and respond to new and emerging threats—requires the sustained, coordinated, and complementary efforts of many individuals and groups. Many public health advances that have been made could not have been achieved without the partnership and collaboration of diverse disciplines across multiple levels of government, non-profit organizations, industry and others.

The CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) depends on its partners to share expertise, exchange critical information, reach multiple audiences, and align and amplify their messages around immunization and respiratory diseases among their stakeholders, constituency, and the public. NCIRD seeks to increase engagement and expand diverse partners and stakeholders in the immunization and infectious disease community to create long-standing working relationships and advance the mission of NCIRD. The ultimate aim of these partnerships is to become a central and "go-to" resource for organizations working to promote immunization, and prevent and control infectious disease.

As a subcontractor to The Cloudburst Group, JSI is providing assistance with the establishment of a NCIRD Strategic Partnerships Plan to drive the engagement of a partner network. The network will increase NCRID reach and impact through shared resources and implementation of systems for continuous program improvement. The Strategic Partnerships Plan will be informed by a baseline assessment and gaps analysis. The Plan will be implemented through a variety of activities including partner outreach and engagement, tracking partnership activities, NCIRD partnership team facilitation, and annual report development.

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